<% call openConn ("nothingtoit_7051") 'open a connection%> <% if request("action") <> "add" then 'this means they're here for the first time%>

Add a Class Instance

This page will allow you to add a new instance (that is new date and or time) for an exisitng class

Select a class: 

Enter a date for the class (i.e. 3/1/2002):  Click Here to Pick up the date

Enter a time for the class (i.e. 10:00):    

Enter a total enrollment capacity for this class: 

Choose which instructor will teach this class: 

<%else 'they have already fulfilled the form, now they want to add the class instance classid = request.form("classid") classdate = request.form("classdate") classtime = request.form("classtime") classcapacity = request.form("classcapacity") classinstructorid = request.form("classinstructorid") classenrolled = request.form ("classenrolled") classstatus = request.form ("classstatus") classmeridian = request.form ("classmeridian") classdatetime = classdate & " " & classtime & ":00 " & classmeridian response.write "

Add a Class Instance

" 'INSERT statement... SQLcmd = "INSERT INTO class_datetime_tbl (class_id, instructor_id, class_datetime, class_capacity, " SQLcmd = SQLcmd & "class_enrolled, class_status) VALUES ('"&classid&"','"&classinstructorid&"','"&classdatetime&"','"&classcapacity&"','"&classenrolled&"','"&classstatus&"');" call openCMD(SQLcmd) Response.write "

The class instance has been inserted into the database.

" end if%> <% call cleanup %>