<% call openConn ("nothingtoit_7051") 'open a connection%> <% if request("action") = "" then 'this means they're here for the first time%>

Delete a Particular Class

This page will allow you to delete a particular class on a particular date and time.

Select a class, date and time combination: 

<%elseif request("action") = "step2" THEN 'they have already fulfilled the form, now they want to delete the class instance classdatetimeid = request.form("class_datetime_id") response.write "

Delete a Particular Class

" 'get the name of the class back... SQLstr = "SELECT [class_tbl].[class_name], [class_datetime_tbl].[class_datetime_id]" SQLstr = SQLstr & "FROM class_tbl INNER JOIN class_datetime_tbl ON [class_tbl].[class_id] " SQLstr = SQLstr & "=[class_datetime_tbl].[class_id] WHERE class_datetime_tbl.class_datetime_id = "&classdatetimeid&";" call openRS(SQLstr) response.write ""&rs("class_name") & "

" call closeRS 'get the information for that particular class... SQLstr = "DELETE * FROM class_datetime_tbl WHERE class_datetime_id = "&classdatetimeid&";" call openCMD(SQLstr) Response.write "

The class instance has been deleted in the database.

" end if%> <% call cleanup %>